About Us

Nick and Stephanie met at Oklahoma Baptist University and married in the summer of 2003. Upon Steph's graduation, they moved to Michigan where Nick took a full time job in youth ministry. They both love working with youth, but in 2008 God began working in Nick's heart, stirring a desire to minister to adults and families. With that desire, came the opportunity to move into a senior pastor role. He has been leading the church in that position ever since.

Nick is an active dad and loving husband with a genuine passion to disciple people and help them grow in their walk with Christ. He has a great love for God's word and loves to share its truth with others. Nick grew up in church and experienced the gift of salvation at an early age. Majoring in pre-med, he sensed the call of God leading him into full time ministry. Upon graduation he walked away from the world of medicine and began to pursue ministry full time. When he is not preaching, teaching, discipling or reading, Nick can be found outdoors, participating in sports, riding his motorcycle and spending time with his family. 

Stephanie is a loving person who delights in raising her two children and serving the Lord alongside her husband. She too accepted Christ as her Savior at a young age and has been walking the road of sanctification ever since. Thank goodness He doesn't leave us the way He finds us, but continues to walk with us day by day. She works part-time outside the home, but her true love is her family and the body of Christ. Steph loves to bake, play with her children, spend time outdoors, workout and sleep (when possible!). 

Ben is sensitive, kind-hearted, active and curious 5 year old boy. He has a natural athletic ability that amazes his parents - he was dribbling a basketball with one hand at the age of 1! While he is definitely all boy, he has such a kind and compassionate heart. He takes great pride in being a big brother and can often be found guiding and protecting his younger sister. He loves to be outside - racing, riding his bike, swinging, playing baseball, collecting rocks, etc. He also loves to snuggle, sing songs and read books with the best of them! His favorite book is the Bible and the Airplane book. When Ben grows up he wants to be Iron Man and protect the world from bad guys - he plans to do this by putting them in jail and telling them about Jesus! 

Hannah is an independent, vivacious, tender and energetic 3 year old. She loves to do anything that her big brother is doing. She will fearlessly join in with the big kids - and does a surprisingly good job at keeping up! She can do most anything she sets her mind to. Hannah's favorite things are to play with her brother, read books with mom, ride her 'big girl bike' (training wheels!), swing and help in the kitchen. She can often be found pushing her baby doll around the house in a stroller. Hannah loves to sit down and read the Bible. Her favorite story at the moment is the story of Creation and the 'bad snake'. When she grows up she plans to be a mom or Buzz Lightyear.