Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Warrior Prayer

One of my college suite-mates has just recently began the adoption process. They are adopting from Ethiopia. You are welcome to read more about their journey at The Moseby's
She and her husband recently went to a seminar and here is something she shared on her blog. 
I found it to be challenging and applicable to all parents/grandparents - it is not specifically for adoption. 
1. Pray our child will be saved (become a Christian) at a young age.
2. Pray that our child's annointing will not be bound.  Sometimes we can stifle our child's gifting (anointing), when we need to direct, guide, or redirect them.
3. Pray the full armor of Christ everyday.
4. Pray God's truth over them.
5. Pray that your child will always find the man of peace. (Luke 10:5) This hit me HARD.  I am still processing though. You'll have to wait on my process to hear my thoughts.
6. Accept your unchangeable things so you pray your children see their's as a blessing. This one made me think of the brokenness that leads to adoption.  That will be unchangeable for our child.  We will need to help them heal and then give glory to God for what he has done in their lives.
7. Pray you will always have the heart of your child. Proverbs 23:26. 
This last one hit me double hard!  I will try to explain, because I didn't understand at first.  
We need to live honorable, trustworthy, godly lives.  Our child needs to be able to see our lives and know we are trustworthy. We need to be trusted to guard their heart.  Trusted to lead them.  Trusted to be free around.  This takes a lot of initiative, a lot of pray, and a lot of God's grace!  And, I assume, some days it will take a lot of forgiveness! Knowing that my child will struggle with some different things.  We need to be trusted by our child to help them fight through things and find healing and peace.  
Specific to our child, I have been praying a few other things!
1. I pray for the bio parents.  As I believe our child is unborn, right now, I know they must be going through some pain and confusion.  So, I pray God leads, guides, heals, and helps them make healthy decisions during this time.

2. I pray they, if not already, become followers of Jesus.

3. I pray for the women who will take care of our child in the orphanage.  I pray (beg really!) that she will be a follower of Jesus.  I pray that, as a follower of Jesus, she speaks God's truth over our child.  I pray God shows her how important her job is.  She can be there in person to speak God's healing and acceptance over our lil one!

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