Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Moments Time

Every notice how it can only take a moment for things to change?
One small moment, one little occurrence and your heart can leap with joy, excitement, hope.
One small moment and all your hopes can come crashing down.
Elation. Discouragement. Joy. Happiness. Excitement.
It only takes a moment.

Yesterday was Nick's Birthday (Happy Birthday Sweetie!)
Just as we were getting ready to serve the cake the phone rings.
The caller ID indicates it is our agency calling.
We haven't spoken with them by phone since all of our paperwork was complete (months).

My heart leapt.
Why are they calling? It's Nick's birthday. Lord, could we really receive a match on Nick's birthday?!? No...they aren't calling to give us a referral are they? But they could be. Really God? Today? WOW! Eek!
My stomach is fluttering as I grab the phone and go hide away in the office to take the call
(the only quiet place in the house at this moment)

On the other end of the phone is the director for our program.
She is calling to update us on the status of the program.
(no referral for us! - but that's ok, it was really waaaay to early according to the normal timeline)

She tells us that our new number on the wait list is seventeen.

Wait, weren't we just at 18?
My heart sinks. 
We had been under the illusion that we had moved up to either 15 or 14. 
Not just one little place. 
It is at this moment that my heart and emotions are tempted to come crashing down. 

Crazy how you can be going about your day as normal.
The phone rings, your expectations fly. And then they crash.
Yet moments before your heart had been fine.
Ahh...the beautiful gift of emotions.

While we were disappointed to hear that our family had not progressed much closer in terms of receiving a referral, we are rejoicing that
4 children found their forever families this month.
4 orphans, without a home, without a family, now have a family. Ones to call their own.
Praise You Lord!

So, I hung up the phone, went out to sing a rousing rendition of "happy birthday" to my sweetie and was able to rejoice. For 4 of those who were once fatherless have been given a family to call their own. Our moment will come. Not today. Not tomorrow. But it will come.

Lord we rejoice as your beautiful plan of adoption unfolds. What a privilege it is to be a part of that physical process here on this earth.

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