Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why Boy?

Some have asked, and been a little surprised when we share with them we would prefer to adopt a boy.
We've been told things like "you'll see why. You'll see why most choose girls"
Apparently that is not the norm.
When agencies are given a list of adoptable children, it is the girls who are the first picked and sometimes the boys just wait...and wait....

(Yes, there is a great need for adoption, for children of either gender. Yes, there is a great risk for orphan girls in particular to be forced into sex trafficking. 
Yes, we absolutely adore having a daughter!)

We don't really know why we are inclined towards a boy.
Our heart just tells us so.
For Thailand, given that we already have a child of each gender, we weren't allowed to specify a gender.
So while we wait for the government to do their thing and approve our paperwork so we can get a match, we pray.
We pray for our child - boy or girl.
God knows the desires of our hearts.
God knows the children He has planned for this family.
So we trust that He knows best.
And trusting God is the absolute best thing we can do.

At this moment our hearts are inclined towards a boy.
At this moment we know we will love.
We will love our next child.
Just as we love the two precious treasures we have already been given.

Because a boy’s laugh is contagious…Because it’s never too soon to buy that first truck…Boys have dreams, too…Boys are soft and sweet…Because playing sports is fun…Because we need more cowboys…Because who else can make a suit look so good…Because we all need a superhero…Because boys love a good adventure…Because boys are gorgeous, too…Because brothers are a wonderful thing…Because boys love playing outside…Because every little boy deserves a family…

If you are inclined, watch this short video. A video about orphan boys.
Boys that need a family.
(ironically, most, if not all of these children are from Asian countries)

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