Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last of the Home Study Documents

We got the last of the documents need for the home study mailed off today. Now it rests in the hands of the social worker. She is hoping to have the home study written up and in out hands to review by the first week of October (next week).
That is exciting progress!

The documents I mailed today were:
Proof of Insurance (requested from Insurance company)
Statement of Guardian
Both of our Autobiographies
Proof of Employment (Steph)

I am working on a fun fund-raising venture, so stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Home visit

It's over. All that work. The weeks of organizing, cleaning, scrubbing, sifting through. It's done. Our home study visit was today. Today the social worker came and toured our house, met our kids and interviewed  the hubs and I. If she said 'yes' then we were good to go. If she saw something she didn't like, uh oh. Road-block. 

I had been preparing for weeks. She said she wouldn't look in my closets and pantries, but still....one wants to be prepared. So more closets and pantries got organized than I care to reminisce about. 

The day before she came (Tues) was supposed to be the big cleaning day. You know, mop, dust, vacuums, bathrooms, etc. Well, one minor hiccup. I woke up sick. I mean sick.  It felt like the flu. (couldn't have been - I was better the next day). So one momma, 2 kids and a hubby who checked in and let me sleep when he could it was. LONG day! I did manage to get the floors mopped and the bathrooms cleaned. Even started some laundry! So that would just have to be enough. 

Isn't that just like God? Here I had been working so hard to make sure everything is perfect and He says "Hold on there. This is my show. It's not about you, or how hard you work. This is in my hands" Guess I needed to be knocked off my feet to really slow down and realize that. Of course you want everything to be perfect. And there is nothing wrong with working hard. In fact, we are to work hard. But we are also to do 'everything as unto the Lord'. The Lord looks at the heart. This home study was about His will, His timing, His perfect plan. Not mine. 

The visit went great! The social worker is such a sweetheart and got right down and played with my kiddos (who were thankfully behaving well!) We chatted, toured the home (she did ask about fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors). We did the interviews and that was it! 3 hours later, we were done! 

And of course I had to ask "Sooo...did we pass?"
The answer was yes! 

Thank you Lord! 

Now it will be about 2 more weeks for the home study to be compiled and the rest of the documents to come in the mail. We will then get 5(?) copies of it and it will be sent off to our agency for approval. After that, the dossier. Which is a whole other mound of paperwork....time to get started!